Focus and Scope

The Journal of Tajdid Al Athfal  have a specific focus and scope. The focus and scope of this journal publication is to disseminate conceptual thoughts or ideas as well as research results that have been achieved in the areas of early childhood education and development.

The Journal of Tajdid Al Athfal particularly focuses on the main problems in the a journal that includes review of research, study and analysis on early childhood and kindergarten students.

  • Early child development psychology,
  • Innovation in early childhood education,
  • Child development psychology,
  • Cognitive development of early childhood,
  • Development of moral and religious of early childhood,
  • Physical motor development of early childhood,
  • Language development of early childhood,
  • Parenting for early childhood education,
  • Early child development assesment,
  • Management instituition of early childhood education,
  • Media and educational viewer tool in learning in early childhood education,
  • Multiple intelligences
  • Emotional and social development of early childhood,
  • Artistic and creative development of early childhood,
  • Mathematic and science development of early childhood,
  • Curriculum design in early childhood education,
  • Islamic education for early childhood.