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prime modules, semiprime modules, fully prime (semiprime) modules


Prime modules was introduced by Feller and Swokowski. In J. Dauns did a research about generalization of prime modules and defined semiprime modules as weaker terms of prime modules. In other hand, Abu-Saymeh studied characteristic ring of prime modules. Furthermore Behboodi, Karamzadeh, and Koohy defined fully prime (semiprime) modules. Necessary and sufficient conditions for those type of modules was also given. In this articles, we will discuss the result of Behboodi, et al. those are necessary and sufficient condition for fully prime (semiprime) modules. Then the relation between prime modules and semiprime modules is studied. At the end, we will prove a new theorem about necessary and sufficient conditions for semiprime modules to be a prime modules with added some condition to semiprime modules’s annihilator.


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